I want to congratulate so many people at the Dugoni School who have been, and will continue to be, engaged in leadership. As you know, one of our seven values is leadership. It is constantly demonstrated that we are true leaders. I was pleased to see that our students were recognized and assumed leadership roles during the recent American Student Dental Association meeting. Again, it is a great recognition of what value we contribute to organized dentistry, to dental education, and many other avenues. I am also pleased that many of our students, as well as former students, will be engaged in leadership roles during the upcoming California Dental Association meeting in San Francisco.

During my recent travels, I was also happy to see Dr. Anders Nattestad recognized as a leader at the Association of Dental Educators for Europe meeting. He was engaged in numerous presentations. At the same time, it gives me great pleasure to announce that Dr. Derry Shanley was given an honorary membership into ADEE during that meeting.

These are only a few of the examples of leadership roles that so many people from the Dugoni School are involved in. It is important that we maintain that value and continue to contribute to organized dentistry and to society at large. I look forward to seeing you all. Thank you.

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  1. Neil Kingston

    Dean Ferrillo,

    Thanks for the update. I would like to hear how or if the practice of dentistry differs in some of the placesyou visit, from the delivery perspective. Is it part of national health care packages ? Things like that would, I think , be a pleasure to read for those of us who don't travel as extensively as you do.

    Thanks again,


  2. Joan Yokom

    At the same time our school was in the exciting process of creating our vision, mission and values statements, some of the members of the Managers/Directors Committee were putting together an idea that eventually became the Leadership Initiatives Subcommittee. Composed of 10 members of the Directors/Managers committee the group began meeting in January 2007 with these general goals: to create opportunities that would lead to cross-functional involvement within the dental school, improve the visibility of managers and directors and their roles at the school, and to advocate for and be a mentoring force for other managers and directors. See our Mission Statement below.

    In the year and a half since its inception, the group has made some interesting accomplishments including:
    •the inclusion of a manager or director on four school committees where previously there had been no staff representation, the Dental Faculty Council, the Curriculum Committee, the Admissions Committee (IDS) and the Student Financial Aid Committee
    •the representation of a member of M/D committee to the Administrative Council
    •creation of a M/D Blackboard site
    •currently mentoring the creation of a Staff Advisory Council

    In these ways we take the school’s value of Leadership to heart... modeling, inspiring and mobilizing.

    —Joan Yokom, past chair, Leadership Initiatives Subcommittee

    Leadership Initiatives Subcommittee Mission Statement

    The Managers/Directors Leadership Subcommittee values integrity, innovation and collaboration while striving to raise awareness and visibility, both internally and externally, for Managers/Directors Committee members through involvement and representation in the dental school’s decision-making processes and by advocating for and mentoring Managers/Directors Committee members.

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