Strategic Planning, Part II

Here is a summary of the issues identified in the strategic plan:

  1. Lead educational innovation
  2. Develop professionals committed to improving the health of all people
  3. Build focused and valued research initiatives
  4. Build upon the Dugoni School’s unique strengths to create and enhance revenue streams
  5. Create a resource-rich, supportive, and diverse culture to develop, retain, and recruit outstanding individuals
  6. Optimize our faculty assets and technology investments

I think it is worth taking a deeper look at each of these. Today I am going to discuss the broad topic of educational innovation.

What we are trying to say in these few words is that the school must become a leader in formulating new and creative ways to face the health care challenges in the local community, the nation, and the world. We must not only educate oral health care providers in the delivery of dental services, but also in understanding the importance of oral health to overall health.

It is our responsibility to develop professionals committed to improving the health of the public by nurturing future leaders, implementing innovative curricula including service learning, collaborating in private and public partnerships, and enhancing clinical care through cultural understanding and international collaborations.

In my next post, I will talk about some of the ways in which we apply these practices.