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During my recent vacation, I had time to do some extensive reading. One book that caught my interest was A Letter to America by David Boren. A Rhodes Scholar, the longest-serving chairman of the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, a U.S. senator and governor of Oklahoma, he has served as president of the University of Oklahoma for the past 13 years.

Mr. Boren believes that our country is at a crossroads. He raises many issues, including our image in the international community, lack of bipartisan cooperation and downward trend of the quality of education.

He also discusses the need for us to understand the cultures, values and beliefs of the world. We must recognize that 95 percent of the world’s population exists outside the United States. At the Dugoni School, I believe we understand the need to think globally. I am so pleased that we have embarked on many global initiatives to date, for example SCOPE and the IDS program. We will be considering additional ones in the very near future.

If you get time, I encourage you to read the book.