An August Filled with Welcome

It’s now almost the end of August and the University community is in full swing in Stockton. The students arrived this month and have enjoyed a whirl of activities such as freshman orientation, welcome barbeque and the adventurous Mountains, Ocean, Valley Experience (MOVE) program, a unique first-year experience designed to welcome new students to the Pacific community through participation in experiential learning and service projects in key locations throughout Northern California.

In my new temporary role here as interim provost, I have had the opportunity to meet and chat with many of them. It is exciting to see how enthusiastic they are in their new setting.

All of these activities are designed to introduce the new students to the University, Stockton, the state of California, and most importantly, each other. They will learn what many people at the dental school know already: learning is not a solitary endeavor. It is a collective effort and requires working together for the best outcome. It can be challenging but is worth it in the end.

I continue to work with others as we gear up for the search for a new permanent provost. In the spirit of collaboration, I hope some of you will be available to assist with the process so we can make a decision everyone will be pleased with. Fortunately, I understand that we have some outstanding candidates!

I look forward to my next visit back to the dental school. In the meantime, if any of you find yourselves visiting Stockton, please stop by and say hello. The dental school’s Alumni Association will be hosting a reception for all Stockton-area alumni on Aug. 31, so I look forward to meeting with some of our many alumni throughout the region. The event is being held in the President’s Room in Anderson Hall. You can learn more on our website.