Finding Fulfillment in Fly Lines and Other Pastimes

River in Montana

My job at University of the Pacific was made busier these past few months due to my current role as interim provost for the University. Still, late this summer, as I try to do each summer, I made an effort to set aside a weekend for one of my favorite pastimes — fly fishing.

I was so fortunate recently to get a chance to combine my work and my pastime during a trip to Montana, where I got together with several people, including a dental school alumnus who met up with the group, to spend time in the beautiful outdoors. It was terrific to connect with this group, and we enjoyed talking to each other enjoying the peaceful calm of the river and trees.

Those of you who are dental students are expected to put in a great deal of time on your studies and patients. Those of you who are finished with your education but are working, whether as staff or faculty at the school, or as dentists, hygienists (or even outside the dental profession!) probably also find that there are not enough hours in the day to do all the things you need to do, much less to do the things you enjoy.

Yet your leisure time matters as much if not more as anything else; it grounds and recharges you. It makes you a more productive student and worker  — and a happier human being. I urge you to always make time for your favorite pastimes no matter where you find yourself in life. For those who are studying or working in the San Francisco Bay Area, we certainly are fortunate to have plenty of trails, mountains, parks, water and other outdoor attractions outside our front doors, along with a temperate climate. All good reasons to get away from it all — even if only for a few hours at a time.

Dean Ferrillo catches a fish