A Legacy of Leadership

Every day, great examples of leadership are displayed around the clinics, classrooms and research labs at the Dugoni School of Dentistry. If you’re familiar with the heritage of the dental school, it should come as no surprise to hear that the people at Pacific continually show their passion for pav­ing the way.

Our commitment to excellence keeps our school in the vanguard, a term which describes people who are fore­most in a movement, field or cultural trend.

Leadership is one characteristic we especially foster, contributing to our success as an organization and keeping us on the forefront of oral health education around the world.

My new white paper focuses on the topic of leadership and outlines some of the many ways that our school’s people and programs have stayed on the cutting edge. It also highlights our plan for new facilities that will allow us to provide a distinctive and flexible home for students, patients, faculty, staff, alumni and others.

A leader must evolve, plan strategies for the future and make changes that set the pace for others. Our school’s move to new facilities in San Francisco is an opportunity for us to do just that.