First Years Pay it Forward

I’m very proud of our newest DDS and IDS classes for giving back to the Bay Area community during the first-year student retreat in August.

The annual two-day retreat gives students a chance to get to know each other outside the school walls so that they can bond as a class and prepare for their exciting educational journey ahead. In the last three years we have also incorporated a day of community service into the first day of the experience.

On Aug. 1, I had the opportunity to join student volunteers at GLIDE, a well-known nonprofit organization headquartered in the Tenderloin district that serves disadvantaged people throughout the city. I couldn’t have been more proud of seeing our dental students preparing meals in the kitchen to be served later that day to hundreds of people in need. Other students, faculty and staff volunteered that same day at the San Francisco Food Bank, Project Open Hand and the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy.

While at GLIDE I also had the opportunity to learn more about the health services the organization offers to the public. Patricia Dennehy, Director of Glide Health Services, introduced me to some people on her team and showed me around the health clinic.

Our school’s core values include collaboration, philanthropy, humanism and leadership. On this day of community service, it was encouraging to see our students living these values through their actions out in community. Congratulations to all who participated in this outreach and to all of the staff and faculty members who volunteered to organize a memorable first-year student retreat.