Dugoni School Campaign Milestone Reached!

Thanks to the generous support of many of you in our Dugoni School family, I am pleased and proud to announce that our fundraising campaign total has reached $38 million, surpassing the halfway mark of our $65 million working goal! This is a significant milestone, and we are poised for continued success in “Building Our Future and Embracing Our Legacy” during the second half of our comprehensive campaign.

Since our comprehensive campaign began on July 1, 2012, we have enjoyed tremendous success in these philanthropic areas:

  • We have received over $20 million in gifts and pledges to support our new facilities.
  • We have added $10 million to our dental school’s endowment.
  • We have created 15 new endowments that have doubled in value and impact through matching funds from the Powell Match program.
  •  We have raised $2.5 million in unrestricted support for our Annual Fund.
  • We have expanded support for veterans, children, elderly, and underserved people in our clinics and our community programs.

Thanks to thousands of generous and loyal donors, the future is bright at our great Dugoni School. Every gift contributes significantly to our overall goal of producing preeminent oral healthcare providers.

Together, We Are Awesome!  Thank you!