May the Fourth (Be With You)

Dear Dugoni School Family,

Happy Monday and May the Fourth Be With You! Today is a special day because as long-time Star Wars fans, my kids and I can only say that one day a year. For those who are not familiar, you can learn a little more about that turn of phrase here.

I would like to thank and recognize Dr. Paul Subar, Chair of the Department of Diagnostic Sciences, who was recently elected to the position of Chair-Elect on the University of the Pacific Academic Council. His term starts on June 1. This is an important group that recommends policy concerning curricular, faculty, and other academic issues for the entire University of the Pacific. Faculty representatives are elected by the faculty in each school or college for three-year terms. All three campuses are represented on the Council. We thank Dr. Subar for his service to the Dugoni School and the wider University academic community. I would also like to thank the many other dental faculty members who have participated on this council in recent years.  Thank you for stepping up and being such strong and professional representatives for all of us in the Dugoni School.

The American Association of Endodontists (AAE) recently held a virtual general assembly and several of our Dugoni School faculty members were selected for leadership position. Congratulations to Dr. Alan Gluskin — AAE President; Dr. Ken Tittle - AAE District VII (California) Board Member; Dr. Jonah Galicia — AAE Foundation Board Member; and Dr. Nava Fathi — AAE Foundation Secretary. This is an amazing demonstration of our Dugoni School commitment to leadership. Thank you to these four individuals for stepping up. Several of our faculty leaders were also involved in writing this this article, which will be featured on the cover of the upcoming Journal of the American Dental Association.

Finally, The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has released their new guidelines for dentistry. They are reinforcing the need to delay routine care, expand use of PPE, and avoid aerosol procedures. Professor Eve Cuny, our infection control specialist, continues to regularly monitor infection control guidance as we work on plans for our eventual campus reopening. The guidelines are available here.

My closing thought today is about the importance of each moment.  When we are young, we always want to be older. Our daughter is in fifth grade and wants to be in high school, our son is in high school and cannot wait to start driving. We do not always appreciate the moment and want to hurry. To reach that future moment, we must be fully present in this one. Make the most of what we are doing and where we are now. Do not drown in the moment, but experience it to learn and grow.  It is always darkest before the dawn. We know this is just a moment… and in the next moment, we will begin to see light.