Mother’s Day

Dear Dugoni School Family,

This has been a long week, so today’s update is focused on the importance of our families and, in particular, moms around the world.

Mother’s Day is this Sunday and I hope you take a moment to connect with your mom, or spend some time reflecting on positive memories of your mom.  Some of you may even be living at home right now with your parents, while others may be far away from them.  No matter where you are, we can all celebrate the people who have influenced us and the importance of the support from our families.

I am so grateful for my mother as she was one of the most influential people in my life that helped shape who I am today.  There is not a Mother’s Day that goes by or, in fact, any day where I do not think of the wonderful example she set for my brother, for me, and for our broader family.

If you are looking for some musical inspiration this weekend, click here for a Mother’s Day playlist with a few mom-related songs.

Have a great Friday, enjoy your weekend, and happy Mother’s Day to all of the moms out there.