Moving Toward Reopening

Dear Dugoni School Family,

I hope you had a good weekend to relax, recharge, celebrate Mother’s Day, and are ready for a new week ahead.

We are seeing a little more light at the end of the tunnel as California takes steps to turn up the “dimmer” in plans to reopen businesses.

Reopening plans are being directed at the county-by-county level, as part of the state’s regional variance approach and our school is closely tracking developments. As you may know, last Thursday San Francisco Mayor London Breed announced some next steps in plans to reopen businesses in San Francisco, if progress continues in reducing the spread of COVID-19. The city anticipates allowing some businesses to do storefront pickup, as soon as next Monday, May 18. These include bookstores, florists, music and hobby stores, and home furnishings and home goods stores. Please read the complete announcement for more details.

For our San Francisco campus, we plan to continue to extend our campus closure through the end of May, as shared earlier.

Below is a 1918 picture of students from the College of Physicians and Surgeons (the previous name of our school before it affiliated with Pacific). The photo is from one of the attached pages selected from the 1919 “CHIPs” student yearbook mentioning the Spanish flu. It was a tumultuous academic year, as the school was dealing with both the Spanish flu in the Fall of 2018 and the end of World War I.

And below is a photo of students in the World War I Student Army Training Corp Unit, and some volunteers who worked at the San Francisco Hospital during the flu outbreak.

In recent weeks, I have been struck by the sense of history… how our actions and decisions will be seen as a school, university, city, state, and nation. Our school has dealt with many exciting and challenging events since our founding in 1896. As always, we will learn from each experience and re-emerge with strength, resilience, and a renewed commitment to excellence that will serve us well for the future. With all that has been going on, I keep reflecting on the idea that we are writing that future together. Your strength, your ideas, and your resilience is helping us create a new future for the University of the Pacific, Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry family.

Be well and I look forward to seeing the future that we will build together beyond this pandemic.