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Thanks to the generous support of many of you in our Dugoni School family, I am pleased and proud to announce that our fundraising campaign total has reached $38 million, surpassing the halfway mark of our $65 million working goal! This is a significant milestone, and we are poised for continued success in “Building Our Future and Embracing Our Legacy” during the second half of our comprehensive campaign.

Since our comprehensive campaign began on July 1, 2012, we have enjoyed tremendous success in these philanthropic areas:

  • We have received over $20 million in gifts and pledges to support our new facilities.
  • We have added $10 million to our dental school’s endowment.
  • We have created 15 new endowments that have doubled in value and impact through matching funds from the Powell Match program.
  •  We have raised $2.5 million in unrestricted support for our Annual Fund.
  • We have expanded support for veterans, children, elderly, and underserved people in our clinics and our community programs.

Thanks to thousands of generous and loyal donors, the future is bright at our great Dugoni School. Every gift contributes significantly to our overall goal of producing preeminent oral healthcare providers.

Together, We Are Awesome!  Thank you!

Greetings and Happy New Year!

As we begin 2017, I am pleased to provide an update about the Dugoni School’s new strategic planning process. Our theme is Transforming the Future of Oral Health Education. The Dugoni School has led in transforming dental education in many ways — our humanistic model, our accelerated year-round predoctoral program and a vibrant alumni association — to name only a few. We are well positioned to expand our role as a global leader in education and patient care. Such leadership requires vision combined with the foresight and initiative to prepare for, create, and shape the future.

This is a perfect time to look at the future of oral health and the Dugoni School's place in that future. Our last major strategic planning effort was over 10 years ago. While we updated the plan in 2013, many changes have occurred locally, nationally, and globally over the past four years. In today’s rapidly changing education and health care environment, the Dugoni School must position itself to move to even higher levels of prominence as a leader among academic dental institutions if we are to transform the future of oral health education, and so oral health.

Our initiation of a strategic planning process coincides with the University’s engagement to develop a new plan, Pacific 2025. The Dugoni School’s plan will be informed by, align with, and complement the University’s vision, mission, values, and priorities. I have appointed a Strategic Planning Oversight Committee (SPOC) to help guide us in the planning process. SPOC is assisted by the Academy for Academic Leadership, a consulting firm that has worked with the Dugoni School and the University for many years. I am pleased to report that SPOC conducted its initial meeting on December 16 and will begin engaging the entire school family, as well as external stakeholders, this month. SPOC members are:

  • Dr. Elisa Chávez (Chair)
  • Dr. Homer Asadi
  • Mr. Marco Castellanos
  • Dr. Richard Fredekind
  • Dr. Des Gallagher
  • Dr. Alan Gluskin
  • Dr. Natasha Lee
  • Dr. Cindy Lyon
  • Mr. Blake Swimmer
  • Dr. Gabrielle Thodas

Serving as internal consultants to SPOC are:  Ms. Joanne Fox, Director, Dugoni School Alumni Association; Mr. Jeff Rhode, Associate Dean for Development; and Mr. Dan Soine, Director of Marketing and Communications.

Strategic planning is a communicative, consensus-building process. SPOC will seek input from faculty, students, staff, University administrators, alumni, and other major stakeholders as it facilitates the plan’s development. The committee will create communication conduits to ensure that the Dugoni School family is informed about activities and has ample opportunities for input. During its first meeting, SPOC identified these principles to guide the strategic planning process:

  • Prioritize and limit efforts to those areas most likely to have a significant impact on the future of oral health education.
  • Foster open and transparent communication, respectful of all opinions.
  • Encourage creativity and informed risk-taking.
  • Look beyond ourselves and traditional dental education for transformative ideas.
  • Focus on the good of the entire Dugoni School community.

Building on our school’s distinctive character and historic strengths, SPOC is charged with creating a bold and dynamic strategic plan to advance us to new levels of success. A living document, our new strategic plan will be public, accessible to all stakeholders and interested parties as a model of educational distinction. The implementation plan and associated outcomes assessment plan will be disseminated throughout the school as we work together to create a new and exciting future. Please join me and the Dugoni School in transforming the future of oral health education!

Dear Dugoni School Family,

Thank you for everything you have done to make 2016 a successful year! I want to wish you and your loved ones a wonderful holiday season and New Year filled with health, success, and happiness.  Please click the image below to view a special holiday greeting.

Nader A. Nadershahi, DDS, MBA, EdD

Fellow friends and leaders from the Class of 1994 gathered during one of the many CDA events in San Francisco.

Leadership takes many forms at the Dugoni School. It might be an enthusiastic new staff member volunteering to chair a school committee. A student who organizes a study club to help fellow students, or steps up as a class officer to represent her classmates. A faculty member who offers to co-lead an outreach project in the community. Or an alumnus whose impact goes beyond the walls of his practice through involvement in a local chamber of commerce or neighborhood association.

One of my favorite notions is that dental professionals and dental educators are all leaders by nature of our jobs. Patients look up to us to lead, to give them trusted advice about what’s intimately important to them — their health. Students look up to us for sage guidance, training and encouragement about their future. In our private practices, staff members turn to us regularly to make choices that impact the success of the practice.

Leadership is identified as one of our school’s seven core values. Along with humanism, I think that leadership is one of the most important values that makes a Dugoni-trained dental professional stand out in the dental field.

Leadership was on full display at the recent CDA Fall Session in San Francisco. The Dugoni School’s influence was felt deep and wide at the event. Many of our faculty led CE courses, our CDA student leaders participated in events and other volunteers from our school helped make the event a success.

You may have read in CDA program that the CDA Fall Session was dedicated to our very own Dr. Craig Yarborough '80, senior development officer. In addition to his duties at the Dugoni School, Craig also serves as Speaker of the House for the California Dental Association. What a tremendous honor for Craig to be recognized for his leadership by the CDA. He and other school alumni certainly have made their mark on the profession through their involvement in organizations such as CDA, ADA and ADEA, to name a few.

Another opportunity to lead will be at the CDA Cares event in Stockton, October 15-16. We look forward to seeing many of you who will join our school volunteers in caring for underserved people in the Central Valley. If you’d like to get involved, please visit this page.

Thanks to our entire Dugoni School community for everything you do each day to be leaders in your homes, dental practices and communities.