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I want to thank the entire Pacific Dugoni family for your involvement in a successful accreditation site visit held October 28-30 by a team from the Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA). I want to inform you that there are no recommendations and many positive comments toward all our programs that were under review:  Pre-doctoral (DDS), AEGD and Orthodontics.

Students enjoy a reception celebrating the accreditation success.

The strengths the team highlighted included the planning of our curriculum, having a facility that lines up to it, the faculty, faculty development, humanistic environment, collaborations and university support. Regarding humanism, one site visit team member commented, “As you know, there is a standard requiring that dental schools demonstrate a humanistic environment.” As he said, it is very difficult to document that and put it on paper. He mentioned walking through the building, you need no documentation, because the humanistic spirit is all over the place.

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I want to give you all a special thanks and pat on the back. I know this was a difficult job. To do this under normal circumstances is difficult enough. Having to do it as we transitioned into the new building made the task even more challenging. As I always thought, the Pacific Dugoni family was up to it.


I want to give special recognition to Dr. Nader Nadershahi and Dr. Daniel Bender. They did an incredible job working to make sure this process was done successfully. Thank you to everyone else, writing teams, and support – you were fantastic.

Bottom line: Pacific Dugoni has always been great. As a result of this process, we are even greater.

Thank you again.