Three years of hard work (well 19 years really, since my third year of dental school equaled 19th grade) have finally paid off! The class of 2008 made it. We graduated! Over the past three years the class of 2008 has worked tirelessly to try and work together and stay united as a group. Looking back I think that is one of the things that really defined our class. We are all better for it.

There are so many people in our class who took the time out of their day to help their fellow classmates. If I could give two pieces of advice to an incoming class they would be to form strong bonds from the day you step into PACIFIC. If you do there will be an instant sense of commeraderie and everyone will be more likely to help each other. The other piece of advice is to remember to take a step back from your dental work and enjoy the three years and the people around you. It is so easy to lose the big picture when you have requirements... I mean competencies to complete. Remember to relax, to enjoy the struggle, and to realize that you will never again have so many people around you working towards a common goal.

I also feel like our school did an amazing job planning and carrying out the graduation events over the three days of graduation. From the Alumni banquet, to the thanks a bunch brunch, to our actual graduation, everything was extremely classy and well thought out. When speaking with students from other schools it was obvious that our administration and alumni association really went the extra mile to make our celebration an experience we will never forget.

It was a great three years!