I’m a GATOR!

Sooooooo when you decide to specialize you also decide that you will not have a summer break! 🙁 Here was my schedule since graduation:

June 15th graduate, June 16th move to Reno, June 18th trip to Vegas, June 20th 3pm return to Reno, NV, June 20th 11:55pm move to Gainesville, Florida, June 21st 10:30am arrive in Gainesville, June 23rd begin class in Florida, June 27th fly to Los Angeles for a wedding, June 29th return to Gainesville. June 30th classes continue.

That was the busiest two weeks I have ever experienced and I will admit, listening to my friends talk about their trips to Hawaii, Cabo, Europe, Vegas and other warm places was painful. There were plenty of people like me though who had a similar busy schedules so I probably shouldn't complain too much.

Since I have been here I can tell that I am very well prepared for my program. We receive a great education at PACIFIC and one that we can be proud of. My program has top notch facilities, a knowledgeable and dedicated faculty and my co-residents are really nice. I am extremely happy with my decision to attend the endo program here.

As great as my experience was at PACIFIC there was one thing we were missing - a football team. Luckily I now have one of the best teams in the nation. Can't wait for football and basketball season. It's gonna be amazing!

Goooo Gators!

PS here's one of my new friends, they walk around campus: