ASDA Annual Session in Scottsdale, Arizona

The Dugoni School of Dentistry ASDA Chapter had an extraordinarily successful weekend at the ASDA 2008 Annual Session in Scottsdale, Arizona! Below find a summary of the awards, honors, and accomplishments that were achieved:

--The Articulating Paper was honored with the ASDA 2008 Best Newsletter in Competition Award. We acknowledge and congratulate the co-editors, Jamie Parado '09 and Marisa Watanabe '09, as well as faculty advisor Dr. Ruchi Nijjar and all the other contributing writers. They all consistently produce an outstanding paper for everyone to enjoy.

--Our Dugoni ASDA Chapter recieved the Ideal ASDA Chapter Award for Outstanding Membership & Communication. We also recieved an honorable mention for the overall Ideal ASDA Chapter. We recognize and give thanks for the great time and effort exerted into the 165+page application compiled and submitted by Past ASDA Chapter President Brian Black. This application is a spiral-bound book documenting virtually every activity, fundraiser, event, etc., accomplished last year. Over the past year Brian has been a tremendous ASDA President who has been a great example of leadership and advocacy for ASDA and the Dugoni School. Nice work Brian and all others who contributed to the Ideal ASDA application!

--Nima Aflatooni, Current ASDA Chapter President, was elected District Trustee of the 11th District. In this national position, Nima will proudly represent Pacific while serving as liaison and advocate for all five California dental schools. He will attend all national meetings and work closely with the ASDA Executive Committee. Way to go Nima!

--Brian Black, Nima Aflatooni, Ryan Wilgus, Allyson Staahl, Dan Hammer and I sponsored (i.e. authored) resolution 203RC-2008 which resolved that the ASDA Council on Education determine the most reasonable means to obtain data regarding clinical graduation requirements of all dental schools and produce a document summarizing this data, to be made available for distribution to ASDA members and to be updated annually. With a recommendation from the chair of the Council of Education to adopt the resolution with a yes vote, and following spirited discussion, the 108 member house of delegation voted to adopt resolution 203RC-2008 with a yes vote! 

One of the headlining issues during this annual session was the consideration of a mandatory fifth year of dental school education for dental students nationwide (similar to a GPR or AEGD type program) It was argued by the presenters that such plan could both benefit students and address the issue of access to care. Of course the vast majority of students disagree with a mandatory fifth year of school. It was remarkable to hear, however, during presentations, caucuses, and discussion sessions how often our school was mentioned as an example that it is possible to produce highly competent practitioners in only three years time! Our school stands out amongst all other schools for all that we are able to accomplish in such a short period of time. We have something special and unique here at Pacific for which we should always remember, uphold, and be grateful.

Emerson Lake
ASB President
University of the Pacific
Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry