Penny Wars! What Are They Good For? Actually, Quite a Bit…

Dental students are normally quite peaceful people, but this month, we went to war... with pennies. The annual "Penny Wars" event raises money for local charities. Our school's American Student Dental Association (ASDA) chapter and student-led community outreach program Pacific Pays it Forward co-hosted the fundraiser along with a food drive.

The "Penny Wars" fundraiser challenged students to contribute pennies to their respective DDS or IDS class's change collection, with each penny counting for one point. Students could also add nickels, dimes and quarters to competing class change collections, as these coins counted for negative points.

"We had a great time with the penny wars and food drive fundraiser this week," said Vinni Oberoi, Class of 2012 and Pacific ASDA community outreach coordinator. "A lot of students participated and we're excited to be able to give our donations to City Youth Now and the San Francisco Food Bank."


1 thought on “Penny Wars! What Are They Good For? Actually, Quite a Bit…

  1. Jamie

    It's amazing when students come together to help those in need. Not only are they future doctors, but they are giving back 🙂

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