Pacific’s ADEA Chapter Wins Award for Best Chapter Organization

Student representatives from the dental school’s ADEA Chapter recently traveled to Orlando for the ADEA Annual Session and returned to San Francisco with an award in-hand. The Dugoni School's ADEA chapter was recognized for outstanding chapter organization, which speaks to the chapter’s strong leadership and direction.

The dental school’s ADEA Chapter has three elected student leaders, each responsible for different tasks including collaborating with other student groups on campus, attending organized dentistry events, and acting as a liaison between the student body and ADEA. This year the group has also spent much time working toward various goals outlined in the chapter’s strategic plan, including educational reform, leadership development, research and community outreach.

At the Annual Session in Orlando (from left to right): Dr. Monika Radke (IDS 2013); Dr. Nader Nadershahi, executive associate dean; Alexander Blaseio (DDS 2013); Steven Alexander (DDS 2012); and C.T. Do (DDS 2014).