Safety Week 2012: Protect Yourself!

Students from the Dugoni School’s ADEA, ASDA and CDA chapters recently hosted Safety Week, a new event designed to educate the dental school community about professional and personal safety best practices. Amanda Tsoi, a Class of 2014 student and one of the event coordinators, shares more details on the student blog.

ADEA, ASDA, and CDA were excited to come together to create this fun, informative week to help students learn to protect themselves. We all should know how to be safe while walking home late from work or school, and we also need to know how protect ourselves in different emergency and legal situations. Although the dental school does send out an emergency booklet, we felt that it would be a great service to the students to host a handful of sessions where they can learn the skills that are imperative to a lifelong career.

Throughout the week we hosted multiple events each spotlighting a different area of safety. On Monday Patrick Nelle, a TDIC insurance representative spoke to us about disability insurance. The following day we learned about emergency safety procedures including earthquake safety from Eve Cuny, the dental school’s director of environmental health and safety.

On Wednesday and Thursday we hosted two separate sessions with attorneys from the Goldman Law firm: one was focused on protecting ourselves from dental malpractice and the other shared information about protecting ourselves as future business owners and employers. We also had a fun evening exercise guided by Grant Masura, also a Class of 2014 student, which taught attendees basic self-defense moves.

Thank you to everyone who was a part of Safety Week! It was a lot of fun, and I think we all came away with some useful information. It's great that ADEA, ASDA, and CDA were able to come together to provide this program for our students!