Students and Faculty Provide Care in Jamaica

A group of more than 50 Dugoni School students and faculty travelled to Ocho Rios, Jamaica, during the school’s fall break for an oral health mission. The volunteers treated 997 underserved patients in the community during visits to several rural health clinics. They were involved with approximately 200 restorative cases and provided 900 extractions.

Student dentists had the chance to deliver dental care under supervision of faculty members while learning about the needs of the community and their specific oral health challenges. The volunteers visited three community clinics in the Ocho Rios area (Exchange, Port Maria and Claremont). They also volunteered at a clinic at their hotel designed to serve hotel employees. The group included 43 members of the DDS Class of 2017, four members of the DDS Class of 2018, three oral surgeons, four general dentists, one lab technician, one administrative faculty member and five volunteers to assist with registration.

In addition to serving the Bay Area community, Dugoni School volunteers participate in many outreach programs outside the U.S., including mission trips to remote or underserved areas such as Fiji, Jamaica and other areas.

Thanks to all of the volunteers who took time over break to bring smiles to the underserved!