World Down Syndrome Awareness Day

A message from our AADMD student group and Special Care Clinic/ Hospital Dentistry program...

March 21 is World Down Syndrome Awareness Day. Each year, this day is set aside to help communities raise awareness on Down syndrome and all the wonderful and unique contributions that individuals with Down syndrome make to our society. The goal of this day is to break stigma and build inclusion through education and understanding.

Also known as Trisomy 21, Down syndrome is a genetic condition caused by the presence of an extra chromosome.

Some facts:

  • in the US, according to the CDC, approximately 1 in 700 babies born are diagnosed with Down syndrome.
  • Historically there has been a huge health disparity in life span. As recently as the early 1980s, the life expectancy for a person with Down syndrome was only in the 20s. Thanks to better healthcare and overall treatment, it is now about 60.
  • Down syndrome is commonly associated with organomegaly and congenital heart conditions.
  • Down syndrome patients have the same health concerns of neurotypical populations including heart disease, diabetes, cancer and dementia.
  • Some characteristics are slight upturned eyelids, single crease in palms, short stature, large tongue, and smaller mandible and midface.
  • The National Down Syndrome Society recommends "people-first language”, which refers to a "person with Down Syndrome" versus "Down patient" or "Down’s patient".
  • Many only have mild Intellectual disability, have advanced degrees and work.

Learn more about Down Syndrome at the National Down Syndrome Society's website ›

Have a Great Upside Down Day and let others know the importance of acceptance and inclusion!

FYI.. The student chapter of AADMD/ SCOPE will be holding a “Special Smiles Event” on Saturday, April 6, 2019 at our clinics in San Francisco. Free dental screening and some basic treatment will be provided. More details on our calendar ›