Class of 2021 Celebrates With Over the Hump Party

Each year, our second-year DDS and IDS students organize an “Over the Hump” banquet to celebrate the completion of the first half of our dental program. This year the Class of 2021 students hosted a successful celebration at the San Francisco Design Center Galleria on Feb. 1. The celebration is open to all students, faculty and staff and featured a fun night of eating, socializing, dancing and awards.

The Thomas R. Bales Family Endowment Good Samaritan Award is announced during this annual celebration. The award recognizes the student who shows the most kindness to their classmates through the first half of the program. Dugoni School of Dentistry alumnus and benefactor Dr. Thomas R. Bales established the award in 2004 to honor a student who provided inspiration and a sense of purpose to his or her fellow first-year classmates. This year’s winner was Kenji O’Brien.

The event also includes fun “superlative” awards to recognize members of the class, and viewing of dental school parody music videos starring faculty, staff and students.

Congratulations to the Class of 2021 on making it over the hump!

Photos: Maggie Ma, DDS 2022 Historian