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Thirty six dental students and five faculty members traveled to Jamaica during fall break in late September. The Jamaica trip is an annual outreach event coordinated by the dental school and a Jamaican nonprofit, Great Shape! Inc.

This year the group visited the town of Ocho Rios where they spent time in four different clinics and also visited local classrooms to provide oral health instruction (more commonly known around the dental school as OHI).

Here’s a photo of the group of volunteers. The HSC posters are to thank Henry Schein Cares for their generous donation of supplies.

And the students shared some before and after photos of an anterior restoration they completed on a patient:

Learn more about the Jamaica trip.

Students from the Dugoni School’s ADEA, ASDA and CDA chapters recently hosted Safety Week, a new event designed to educate the dental school community about professional and personal safety best practices. Amanda Tsoi, a Class of 2014 student and one of the event coordinators, shares more details on the student blog.

ADEA, ASDA, and CDA were excited to come together to create this fun, informative week to help students learn to protect themselves. We all should know how to be safe while walking home late from work or school, and we also need to know how protect ourselves in different emergency and legal situations. Although the dental school does send out an emergency booklet, we felt that it would be a great service to the students to host a handful of sessions where they can learn the skills that are imperative to a lifelong career.

Throughout the week we hosted multiple events each spotlighting a different area of safety. On Monday Patrick Nelle, a TDIC insurance representative spoke to us about disability insurance. The following day we learned about emergency safety procedures including earthquake safety from Eve Cuny, the dental school’s director of environmental health and safety.

On Wednesday and Thursday we hosted two separate sessions with attorneys from the Goldman Law firm: one was focused on protecting ourselves from dental malpractice and the other shared information about protecting ourselves as future business owners and employers. We also had a fun evening exercise guided by Grant Masura, also a Class of 2014 student, which taught attendees basic self-defense moves.

Thank you to everyone who was a part of Safety Week! It was a lot of fun, and I think we all came away with some useful information. It's great that ADEA, ASDA, and CDA were able to come together to provide this program for our students!

Six Dugoni School students spent a portion of their recent summer break participating in a new exchange pilot program with two Chinese dental schools, Peking University School of Stomatology and Wenzhou Medical College School of Stomatology. This is the first group of students to participate in the program, which was established earlier in 2012.

During their visit, the Dugoni School students interacted with Chinese dental students and faculty; attended lectures; and observed a variety of dental procedures and case presentations.

They were also able to participate in tourist and social activities including a visit to the Great Wall of China.

"This trip was an experience I feel everyone should take advantage of if given the opportunity,” said Lisa Wu, Class of 2014. “If I can sum up what I learned on this trip in a few words, it is that when you keep an open mind, you invite the opportunity to experience everything you've been taught in school and expand that knowledge even further."

To learn more about the exchange program, visit:

Student representatives from the dental school’s ADEA Chapter recently traveled to Orlando for the ADEA Annual Session and returned to San Francisco with an award in-hand. The Dugoni School's ADEA chapter was recognized for outstanding chapter organization, which speaks to the chapter’s strong leadership and direction.

The dental school’s ADEA Chapter has three elected student leaders, each responsible for different tasks including collaborating with other student groups on campus, attending organized dentistry events, and acting as a liaison between the student body and ADEA. This year the group has also spent much time working toward various goals outlined in the chapter’s strategic plan, including educational reform, leadership development, research and community outreach.

At the Annual Session in Orlando (from left to right): Dr. Monika Radke (IDS 2013); Dr. Nader Nadershahi, executive associate dean; Alexander Blaseio (DDS 2013); Steven Alexander (DDS 2012); and C.T. Do (DDS 2014).

Founded in 2011, the Dugoni School of Dentistry’s Student Educators Group consists of a cohort of ten dental students with an interest in making dental education a part of their career plan. As participants, the group members each commit to approximately 18 hours of extracurricular time and the completion of a cohort project encompassing their study.

This year’s Student Educators Group kicked off their program with an emphasis on time management. An initial presentation held on February 27 by Dr. Chris Sablynski of Pacific’s Eberhart School of Business spotlighted various time management strategies on which the group’s 2012 curriculum will be built.

Check back later this spring as we feature more activities of the Student Educators Group on the Student Blog!

Student Educators Group cohort members with the group’s faculty advisor, Dr. Jeff Wood (second from left), and Dr. Chris Sablynski, guest speaker (center).

Our ASDA Chapter President, Danielle Marquis ’13, recently wrote an article about Dr. Arthur A. Dugoni, our school's dean emeritus, as a “game changer” in dentistry. The article was published in the winter edition of ASDA’s quarterly publication Mouth, which this quarter focuses on some of dentistry’s most influential individuals. You can check out Danielle’s article here:

Our school’s ASDA Chapter recently hosted ADPAC Week, an annual campus event. ASDA leaders shared the below recap for the student blog.

Pacific’s ASDA chapter had another successful ADPAC Week this year. If you didn’t know what ADPAC was at the start of this year, you would almost certainly know now. American Dental Political Action Committee (ADPAC) is the legislative branch of the ADA that supports “dental friendly” legislators. The ASDA leadership has made an extraordinary effort to market ADPAC and to promote political awareness on our campus. “It’s very important for us to have a say in the policies that are shaping our profession. Contributing to ADPAC is one way for students to do this,” commented Ivan Chicchon, ASDA’s Legislative Liaison.

The featured speaker this year was Ricky S. Gill, a 24-year old candidate for U.S. Congress. His exciting campaign has made headlines around the nation and his visit to Pacific drew a capacity crowd–the room was so full that people even sat on the floor! “It is quite possibly the biggest ASDA event in terms of attendance that we have had,” says Kristin Hann, last year’s ASDA historian. Ricky shared his thoughts on healthcare reform and spoke about what inspired him to run for Congress at such a young age. Even though much of the audience had rushed in from clinic or previously sat through Anatomy or Pathology lectures, the discussion was both engaging and motivational. An attending faculty member, Dr. Dick Gregory stated, "As an educator and a dentist in private practice for the past 31 years I was pleased that Mr. Gill took the time and political initiative to visit our dental school. Moreover, I was impressed that he was interested enough in his audience and the health of his future constituents to pursue more accurate information about some of the issues impacting the dental profession."

The officers in charge of planning ADPAC week this year, Ivan Chicchon and Rob Costisevschi, took a novel approach. Rather than trying to appeal to dental student’s sense social responsibility or taking an aggressive salesman-like approach, they tried to make the process fun and exciting. They set up a spin-the-wheel type app on a big LCD screen and also raffled off cool prizes such as Pac-Man stress balls and Marvel Heroes Bobbleheads. Once they caught a student’s attention, they would give them a ‘spin’ or a cookie and then take time to explain to them what ADPAC is and why it is important. “They definitely did a great job of marketing it,” said classmate Gurshawn Sahota. “I mean, who wouldn't want to approach their table with all their gizmos and gadgets?”

Their approach paid off. By the end of their campaign, over 80 students signed up as ADPAC members equaling to roughly 20% of the student body. “I’m really pleased with our turnout this year,” said Costisevschi. “With a little extra effort and a little incentive we were able to get the highest enrollment rate we’ve had in a long time. I feel like we’ve set a high bar that subsequent years can emulate and hopefully surpass.”

As co-editors, we are pleased to release the latest version of The Articulating Paper. Bigger and better than ever, many thanks go out to those who contributed to this issue, which for the first time is being distributed online. To check it out, simply click here.

For those who may be unfamiliar, The Articulating Paper is currently in its 10th year of publication. It is a student-run, student-produced newspaper created to update the dental school community about student affairs and activities. Enjoy!

Mark Christie and Sam Liu
DDS 2013