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Our school boasts some of the best and brightest dental students around. Many of these students, in addition to their rigorous course load, decide to take on leadership positions at the Dugoni School. Be it in student government, as representatives to national organizations, or members of committees and clubs, these students embody what it means to be a leader at our school.

Officers and elected positions were recently announced for the 2011-2012 school year. In the coming year, these students will take on new projects, support and guide their classmates, plan events and improve their communities. We’re looking forward to the year ahead!

Check out a full list of leadership positions and the students that currently occupy them here.

A few times each year, dental students from San Francisco's two dental schools join forces to give back to the community. On August 13 Dugoni School students gathered with students from UCSF to clean up a shoreline of the San Francisco Bay.

ASDA students will be coordinating another event with UCSF later in the fall, so stay tuned for information about upcoming service activities!

In the meantime, here's a short video recap from the shoreline clean up!


How would you define yourself in only one word? Recently a group of DDS and IDS students participated in a personal reflection exercise and photo shoot for the Dugoni School's pilot involvement in Pacific's One Word Project. Students chose one word to describe their ideal or best self. Check out a video compilation of Dugoni School students and their word choices below!


To learn more about the Pacific One Word Project, visit:


In this post, Class of 2012 student Veena Vaidyanathan shares some information about her national position with the American Student Dental Association (ASDA).

As the Chair of ASDA's Legislative Grassroots Network (LGN), I oversee all of the legislative related activities around the country. However, I do not do it alone! I have a council packed with passionate, driven individuals from around the country who all help in making the LGN an effective and efficient council. This year, ASDA has nationally instituted a 5-year Strategic Plan in which each council has their own goals and action items to meet.

Two of the main goals pertaining to the LGN are to increase student involvement in state and national lobbying efforts and to educate members on issues important to dentistry. In order to help with the first goal the LGN is starting a $500 State Lobby Day Scholarship to ASDA chapters in need of resources. We hope this scholarship will aid with the daunting task of starting a State Lobby Day, especially with chapters that do not have an established relationship with their state dental associations. In order to follow through with the second goal the LGN is going to continue the Legislative Ledger. The Legislative Ledger is a monthly e-publication sent to all members that is a short synopsis of pertinent issues covered in the ADA State Government Affairs Report and the ADEA Capitol Update. We will be contributing legislative articles to ASDA News on a monthly basis as well.

Another large part of my job is to plan National Dental Student Lobby Day, which takes place in Washington, DC every year. Dental students from across the country come together on Capitol Hill to lobby for various issues impacting the dental community. A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend the ADA's Washington Leadership Conference (WLC). This is the conference that National Dental Student Lobby Day is modeled after. I was given the opportunity to meet my hometown legislators of Florida and to meet leaders in the dental community of the my state, which is a rare occurrence since I go to school 3,000 miles away from home! I hope to foster the same enriching experience I had at the WLC at the next National Dental Student Lobby Day.

To read an article about Veena’s recent experience at the ADA’s Washington Leadership Conference, visit:

A few weeks ago the ASDA Chapter at the Dugoni School of Dentistry hosted a very successful vendor fair and fundraiser. This year 32 vendors attended the fair to demonstrate new products and network with students and faculty. Check out a video from the event below!



Like most organizations, the ASDA chapter here at Pacific takes a step back periodically to reevaluate what its goals are and what it should be focusing on. This year ASDA settled on a theme that is a constant undercurrent in everything that happens at Pacific – improving the dental school experience for each dental student.

ASDA has been organizing community outreach events as well as acting as advocates in national meetings. It has been guiding and mentoring the talented and energetic first-year class with First-Year First Aid and Helping Hands. Additionally, it has been keeping the student body abreast of NBDE information and has released issues of “The Condenser” to keep the students updated on what is happening with ASDA.

“The Articulating Paper” is also a part of ASDA’s goal to keep students connected with pertinent information. Lunch and Learns are commonplace at Pacific with many of them put on by ASDA. ASDA representatives look forward to hearing from students about speakers, vendors or topics that they would like to hear about in an ASDA Lunch and Learn. ASDA also works hard to disseminate information about the legislative issues that are facing the profession right now and how they will affect students when they graduate. DDS’12 Veena Vaidyanathan has been a coordinator and is doing valuable things as far as organizing voices so they can make a difference while lobbying in Washington, D.C.

The IDS classes have had great involvement in the way of advocacy and mentorship, and a very entertaining Bridge Builders event is anticipated later in the year. ASDA has sponsored fun social events and has reached out to predental students at several undergrad programs to encourage and serve them as well.

Mentioning these activities does not do justice to all the behind-the-scenes work that goes on with so many ASDA officers. In addition to the large Pacific Dugoni workload and other extracurricular interests, they give freely the greatest resource in dental school: precious time. Next time you see an ASDA leader, make sure to tell them they are appreciated!

Posted by Mike Rice
Class of 2012
ASDA Chapter President

Yesterday, Pacific staff, faculty and ASDA students joined ASDA students from UCSF as volunteers at the San Francisco Food Bank. We had a great time preparing packages of food for hungry San Franciscans.

This event was organized as part of our commitment to giving back to San Francisco. We have two exceptional dental schools here in the city, and as students, we know it’s important we give back to our community.

A few times each year, students from both schools get together and volunteer. It’s a great chance to do something good for San Francisco, and a welcome opportunity for us Pacific students to get to know our colleagues at UCSF!

Take a look at a short video from the San Francisco Food Bank event below.

Posted by Armin Vahidnia
Class of 2012
ASDA Northern California Community Outreach Coordinator


The graduating classes of 2011; the reunion classes of 1991 and 2006; and participating faculty and staff had a great time at this year's Asilomar Retreat held in Pacific Grove, CA. From the weekend’s abnormally nice February temperatures, to the beach bonfire, educational sessions and some wild karaoke, the 2011 weekend was a huge success!

Check out a video recap, with footage filmed throughout the weekend by DDS student Scott Sutter, below:


Pacific's chapter of the American Student Dental Association (ASDA) recently hosted a week-long series of events to highlight the ADA's American Dental Political Action Committee (ADPAC). Throughout the week of Jan. 31, students, faculty and staff participated in educational discussions focused on public policy, dental politics and the legislative process.

Invited speakers included Dr. Rhett Murray, chairman of the ADPAC Board of Directors and Dugoni School of Dentistry alumnus; Dr. Matt Campbell, member of the 13th District ADPAC Board of Directors; and California State Senator Leland Yee.